The Dynamic Runflat System (DRS)

Dynamic Runflats, Inc., a division of Defense Venture Group Ltd., now offers the Dynamic Runflat System (DRS),
                        A Patented Runflat Technology Created Specifically for Military, First Responder, and High-Risk Security Applications.
                        Our Multi-Segmented Design Features Ease of Replacement and Auxiliary "Bead Block" Bead Locking Mechanism.

Dynamic Runflat Systems
Dynamic Runflat Systems
Dynamic Runflat Systems
Tactical Runflat Systems, Inc.Designed for rapid ease of replacement under adverse field conditions, the DRS is a multi-segmented system which exceeds US ARMY TACOM endurance, on-road, and mission profile requirements. Tested extensively at the Nevada Automotive Test Center, TARDEC Test Lab and the Yuma Military Proving Grounds, the DRS not only outperformed the current runflat solution, but set the standard for others to follow.
                              Unlike other runflat products, the DRS runflat insert will not slip on the wheel, eliminating the friction and heat build up which can rapidly deteriorate tires, or lead to devastating tire fires.
                              American-made and American-owned, this revolutionary technology is the direct result of a dedicated, decade long effort partially sponsored though a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with TACOM. Multiple inserts designs are available to fit a variety of wheel sizes and specifications for vehicle load, weight and performance.
Dynamic Runflats, Inc. | Manufacturer of Dynamic Runflat Systems